Top Sources For Celebrity News and Gossip

People take interest in celebrity news because it entertains them. It also makes them feel better about themselves. This is known as the “uses and gratification” theory.

The 1975 frontman Matty Healy is addressing the backlash that he faced after seemingly mocking Ice Spice’s ethnicity. Check out his comments!


Variety is a newspaper, magazine and online publication that covers the show business of film, television, theater and music. Its 113-year history includes breaking news reporting, insightful award-season coverage and must-read feature spotlights. Its audience is highly engaged and includes industry insiders. Its digital content expands to include branded events and summits.

The magazine was founded in 1905 and originally covered vaudeville, stage and early motion pictures. It later expanded to cover television, aspects of new media and music. In 1933, Syd Silverman launched Daily Variety with a more focused focus on Hollywood film. It eventually merged with the Weekly Variety to form The Hollywood Reporter in 1956.

In 2014, Variety premiered Variety Studio: Actors on Actors, a co-production with PBS SoCal that featured actors discussing their craft and insights on Hollywood. It won a Los Angeles Area Emmy Award in the Daytime Creative Arts category. The newspaper also published Variety’s Radio Directory containing program histories and ratings. This is available in the Media History Digital Library. Variety’s AllSides Media Bias Rating is Center.


With so many celebrity gossip outlets out there, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth your time and which ones aren’t. Suggest has rounded up some of the most trustworthy sources for celebrity gossip.

The first place to start is People Magazine. This weekly publication maintains a close relationship with celebrities and is often able to get first-person interviews. This makes it a highly reliable source for celebrity news. It also has a television show that covers the latest celebrity events.

RadarOnline is another popular source for celebrity gossip. However, this outlet should be taken with a grain of salt. It is owned by the same parent company as the National Enquirer and frequently shares its stories with other tabloids. It also relies on anonymous sources, making it unreliable.

Naughty Gossip is a gossip blog that focuses on celebrities and their personal lives. Its reporting is largely speculative and tends to take comments out of context. It has also spread a number of false rumors. It is best to check its claims with more reputable sources.


PopSugar is an American digital media company focused on lifestyle content for women. It offers its audience a wide variety of topics such as fashion, beauty, fitness and health, entertainment and travel, and food. It also has a strong presence on mobile, video, and social media platforms.

The husband and wife team of Brian and Lisa Sugar started their first blog in 2005. Its success was instant and soon the duo quit their day jobs to devote all of their energy to this new venture. The brand now has five offices worldwide, hundreds of employees and 20 million unique page views per month.

Despite being a media giant, PopSugar has never lost sight of its core mission: to provide genuine value and quality content to its audience. As a result, it launched the Bakery, a branded content studio that helps advertisers create unique and creative videos for their target audience.

In addition, PopSugar has entered the live events space with its own weekend-long festival called Play/Ground. The event features panels on happiness, activism, and digital detox along with celebrities that resonate with the PopSugar audience such as Mindy Kaling and Yara Shahidi. The festival is accompanied by a retail hall featuring brands like Rothy’s shoes and Kule.


The website ONTD is known for its humorous and irreverent coverage of celebrity news and gossip. It covers topics like movies, television, and music and has a large community of readers. Its content is often focused on scandals, controversies, and outrageous behavior of celebrities.

The ONTD community journal originally consisted of a group of volunteers who manually reviewed the substance of user-submitted items before posting them to the site. By 2010, the journal was generating 52 million page views per month and had become the most popular LiveJournal community. Its popularity was so great that it often caused LiveJournal’s servers to crash when a major celebrity scandal broke.

Mavrix Photo Agency sued LiveJournal for copyright infringement over twenty paparazzi photographs posted on the ONTD community journal without its permission. LiveJournal claimed that it was protected by Section 512(c) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because the ONTD community moderators did not post the photos at its direction and had no actual or red flag knowledge that the photos were infringing. However, the Ninth Circuit found that genuine issues of material fact existed as to whether LiveJournal had apparent authority over ONTD.