Things to Do in Reed Point, Montana

If you are considering visiting Reed Point, Montana, there are many things you can do. You can take a leisurely swim or fish in the river. If you love river floaters, you’ll love this area. The town also hosts an annual sheep drive that attracts dozens of vendors and an early evening street dance.

Reed Point is a great place for a leisurely swim

If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy a leisurely swim in Montana, consider visiting Reed Point. This small town is nestled in the foothills of the mountains on the south and along the Yellowstone River on the north. It’s a popular stop on the annual Great Montana Sheep Drive and is also a fishing access for the Yellowstone River. It also has a campground and a boat ramp.

It’s a great place for river floaters

If you’re looking for a place to float the river, consider Reed Point, Montana. The Madison River offers great fishing, and the town offers several campgrounds and picnic areas. To the east and west of the town are the Gravelly Mountains, which make for some gorgeous scenery. The river’s gentle flow makes it easy for floaters to navigate, but it’s also known for its occasional large boulders. It’s not advisable for large groups of people, so make sure you float carefully.

Reed Point, Montana is a quaint community nestled in the foothills to the south and the Yellowstone River on the north. It’s home to the Great Montana Sheep Drive each Labor Day weekend and the three-day Yellowstone River Boat Float. You can access the river from the Indian Fort Fishing Access, which is north of town. The town has campgrounds and boat ramps, and is the perfect place to take a relaxing swim and enjoy the scenery.

You can rent a kayak, canoe, kayak, or inner tube and take a guided river tour. Many of the locals have made floating the Yellowstone River into a tradition. During July, floaters come together for the Boat Float, a three-day float that involves canoers, kayakers, and rafters, as well as tubers.

The Tongue River begins along the Wyoming-Montana border and flows through a narrow canyon before reaching the prairie. Its banks are thick with cottonwood trees and wildlife, including ducks, whitetail deer, and large turtles. The river is suitable for beginners and experienced floaters alike.

It’s a great place for fishermen

When visiting Reed Point, you will find several excellent fishing spots. For example, Spring Creek is an excellent place to fish for Brook Trout and Rock Bass. In addition, the town has an excellent fly fishing and baitcasting scene. You can also rent equipment and use a guide to find the best spots to fish. Your guide will have the information you need to find the best spots and will include maps, GPS coordinates, and links to local fisheries.

The town is located in the westernmost area of Stillwater County, Montana and has a population of 193. It has easy access to the Yellowstone River, including Indian Fort Fishing Access, just north of town. The town also has a boat ramp. This small town is also a popular stop on the annual Yellowstone River Boar Float and during the Great Montana Sheep Drive.

In the past, Reed Point was a Crow Indian reservation. Today, this small town sits on the Yellowstone River and is bordered by the Beartooth Mountains on the south and the Crazy Mountains to the west. The town is home to a campground and boat ramp, which make it an excellent place for a family or group to visit.

The islands surrounding Reed Point are located in a high priority reach of the Yellowstone River. The NRDP, or Yellowstone River Protection Program, is working to protect these wetlands and protect their natural functions. Large woody debris is an important part of maintaining a healthy river system.