Things to Do in Reed Point, Montana

You’ll find a variety of things to do in the small town of Reed Point, Montana, along the Yellowstone River. From a street fair to a museum and parade, this small town offers plenty to do. The town has fewer than 200 residents, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of things to do.

Reed Point is a small town on the Yellowstone River

Reed Point is a small town on the northern shore of the Yellowstone River in Montana. The town is a rest stop along Interstate 90 and has a wide variety of services, including gas, food, and RV hookups. The small town offers a peaceful place to visit and enjoy the Yellowstone River. During the summer, visitors can enjoy the riverfront campground and boat ramp.

Reed Point, Montana has a population of less than 200 people, but even with its small size, this town has a lot to offer. The town hosts the “World’s Largest Small-Town Parade” every Labor Day weekend. The event features hundreds of sheep, as well as the “Great Montana Sheep Drive” – Montana’s version of “The Running of the Bulls.” The day starts with a pancake breakfast and ends with a street fair, dance, and food vendors.

Fishing along the Yellowstone River is a great way to enjoy the scenic surroundings of the region. You can fish for walleye, sturgeon, and catfish, and the water is clean enough to swim in. The area also offers excellent subsurface and dry fly fishing. For those interested in hunting, the surrounding area is full of wildlife, including bald eagles, elk, and whitetail deer. The Yellowstone River is also home to Yellowstone cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout.

A road that runs 60 miles from Reed Point is the Beartooth Highway. The road, which was first constructed in the 1930s, is a beautiful scenic drive with countless overlooks. It also features wildlife, including chipmunks.

It has a variety of activities

The small town of Reed Point, Montana, is home to many activities, including the annual Sheep Drive, which is one of the largest community events in the area. The event starts with a pancake breakfast at the local Fire Station, and proceeds go to help local firefighters. Vendors line the main street of the town, selling their wares and enticing visitors with a variety of foods. In addition, a classic car show takes place at the post office.

Visitors to Reed Point can enjoy the local arts, live music, and culture. Reed Point has a low poverty rate, which is impressive considering the town has only two hundred seventy-seven residents. However, the town does suffer from a lack of population growth. While there are many factors contributing to the population decline, a low birth rate and economic conditions are two main reasons.

Located on the Yellowstone River in the foothills, Reed Point is a picturesque, quaint town. It hosts a number of annual events, including the Great Montana Sheep Drive and the Yellowstone River Boat Float, and has a campground and boat ramp for visitors.

It has a parade

Reedpoint, Montana, is home to the Great Montana Sheep Drive, an annual event that features hundreds of woolies. Similar to the “Running of the Bulls” in Pamplona, Spain, the event also features live music, antique cars, covered wagons, and horse groups. The community is invited to participate in the event, and all proceeds go to charity.

The festival is an annual tradition. Every September, the town of Reed Point, Mont., hosts a large sheep drive, which attracts people in cowboy hats. The event also includes a pancake breakfast and a street fair and dance with food vendors. It’s all geared towards raising money for local community projects.

The city of Reed Point is a census-designated place in Stillwater County. The town has a unique setting and is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The Yellowstone River runs through the town, and the Beartooth Mountains and the Crazy Mountains are nearby. There is a boat ramp and campground in Reed Point, as well as beautiful views of the Yellowstone River. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful setting or a place to take your family for a vacation, this tiny town is a good choice for your next adventure.

The festival also includes a street dance and live music. The Great American Sheep Drive is an annual tradition held in the town on Labor Day weekend. There is also a street dance and car and truck shows, and a hay bale roll. At the end of the festival, revelers enjoy a three-day camping event.

It has a museum

If you are looking for a place to visit that will educate you about the history of the area, consider visiting Reed Point. The town has fewer than 200 people, but is known for its annual festival called the “World’s Largest Small Town Parade”. The festival is the Montana version of the Running of the Bulls and features hundreds of sheep and goats in a parade that begins with a pancake breakfast. The event also includes street dances and dozens of food vendors.

Originally, Reed Point was part of the Crow Indian Reservation. However, in 1891, Congress passed an agreement with the Crows and they were given a large portion of their land to be homesteaded. This led to the arrival of homesteaders from Norway, Sweden, Germany, and the Midwest. The town soon had a railroad depot, a general store, and a one-room log schoolhouse.

For those traveling on a budget, Reed Point offers many affordable options for lodging. Inns and motels in the area offer comfortable, basic amenities for a reasonable price. Some offer complimentary breakfast, iron, and ironing boards, and free Wi-Fi. If you want more luxury, there are bed and breakfasts that offer free nights and special packages.

You can also find hiking and bike trails in the area. These trails cover more than 370 miles and include King Avenue West Trail and the Big Ditch Trail. You can click on each trail to view more information. Whether you’re looking for a scenic walk or a challenging bike ride, Reed Point has a trail to suit your needs.

It has a swimming hole

The town of Reed Point, Montana, offers many recreational opportunities for visitors. The town’s location in a lush river valley is ideal for feeding livestock and offers scenic views of the surrounding mountains. It also offers excellent year-round access and an abundance of wildlife. Here, visitors can find an idyllic swimming hole.

The small town of Reed Point has a population of 193, and is located in Stillwater County. It has easy access to the Yellowstone River at Indian Fort Fishing Access, which is located to the north of town. The town also has a boat ramp and campground.

The summer months are the perfect time to explore Montana’s great outdoors, and swimming holes are a great way to cool off. Near Riverside Park in Miles City, there is a municipal swimming hole called Natural Oasis. The water is crystal clear and offers an ideal setting for a relaxing swim.