Things to Do in Oglethorpe, Georgia

If you have ever wondered what to do in Oglethorpe, Georgia, you have come to the right place. The city is located in Catoosa and Walker counties and has a population of 10,423. It is a part of the Chattanooga, TN–GA Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is home to Lakeview – Fort Oglethorpe High School.

Eagle’s Rest Park

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, don’t miss Eagle’s Rest Park in Oglethorppe, Georgia. This park is located on the top 107 acres of Mt. Oglethorpe and was constructed by local resident Ken Rice. There are three trails in the park that you can hike through. The park is also home to a stone sculpture and is 80 feet wide and 27 feet high. The sculpture is made from rocks donated by visitors.

The park offers hiking trails with beautiful views of the surrounding area. The 1.7-mile long Oglethorpe Mountain Trail is a great way to experience the beauty of nature and unplug from the world around you. You can also picnic in the park if you want to experience the serenity of nature.

The park was dedicated and opened to the public on December 21. The ceremony featured more than 100 people in ghost-like formations moving large stones from Mt. Oglethorpe to mark the winter solstice dedication. Those who had arrived late for the ceremony could hear the conversations from their parking area, but they could not see the group because they were so far away.

Hiking enthusiasts should wear hiking boots if they’re planning to hike the mountain trail. The trail is relatively level and has a few slight elevation changes, but it’s a moderately challenging trek. If you’re a seasoned hiker, you can take the Oglethorpe Mt. Trail which is 1.7 miles long and features a 500-foot elevation change.

There is also a Trail of Tears Memorial Piece in Oglethorpe, Georgia. The piece was carved by Steve Stone, a native of Marble Hill, Ga. The Park has a beautiful outdoor seating area, which is surrounded by trees. If you love the outdoors, you will enjoy Eagle’s Rest Park!

Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Parks

The Chickamauga and Chattanaoga National Military Park is situated in southeastern Tennessee and northern Georgia. These two National Parks preserve the sites of two major Civil War battles, the Battle of Chickamauga and the Siege of Chattanooga. You can visit these historic sites and learn about their history.

The Chickamauga Battlefield, Missionary Ridge, Lookout Mountain Battlefield, Point Park, and Moccasin Bend Archaeological District are all located within the park’s boundaries. The park is growing with more historical sites and monuments. Established in 1890, Chickamauga and Chattanaoga National Military Parks are part of the National Park Service, which oversees the preservation of these sites.

You can take a scenic hike or cycle through the park. A paved path winds through the park, giving you views of downtown Chattanooga. Point Park is the most popular area in the park, situated on the top of a mountain. You can take a short loop trail that will give you panoramic views of the city. The National Park Service offers free parking. The entrance fee to the park is $10. Passes are valid for seven days.

Chickamauga and Chattanauga National Military Parks are open year-round from 6am to sunset. The Chickamauga Battlefield Visitor Center is open daily, except Christmas. The Cravens House on Lookout Mountain is open on weekends from 1 to 4:30pm. You can also tour the Chickamauga Battlefield Visitor Center, which offers a guided tour.

The Chickamauga Battlefield has five hiking trails, which are easy to walk on. Most of them are flat and shaded by trees. There are also two main hiking trails, the General Bragg Trail and the Historical Trail. The General Bragg Trail is five miles long, while the Historical Trail is 11 miles long. The Historical Trail takes you through the battlefield, as well as the Signal Point. You can also tour the Cravens House, which is a strategic location during the Battle of Lookout Mountain.

Chickamauga Battlefield is the site of a Union-Confederacy clash that claimed over 34,000 American lives. Though the Confederacy won the battle, the Union was able to retreat into Chattanooga. After securing the city, they won the war. Today, this area is serene and peaceful, but 150 years ago, it was a battlefield that saw thousands of men lose their lives.

Chickamauga’s 1890’s Days Jamboree

The 1890’s Days Jamboree, held each May, is a celebration of heritage, culture, and music. The event is free and open to the public. The Ringgold market pavilion hosts more than 100 vendors and features a classic car show. The area is also home to several antique dealers.

Ringgold, GA is a small town located in north Georgia. The city is home to a historic 1849 train depot, which was built as a stop on the way to Chattanooga. The venue is now used as a festival venue and draws more than 20,000 attendees. The festival is held every Saturday and features arts and crafts vendors, food, and live music on multiple stages. Other festivities include a classic car show and a fireworks display.