If you love the ocean, you can’t go wrong with a few of these famous artists’ songs. Listen to “Ocean Breathes Salty” by Modest Mouse, for example, and think about the calming and destructive qualities of the water.

Neil Young’s “I’m the Ocean”

The title track of Neil Young’s “I’m the ocean” is a great example of a lyric from his album. Young’s lyrics are simple, but his music is full of emotion. The song is about his longing for his family and the love of his life. It was written in 1971, the year Neil Young suffered a back injury. He was unable to play the electric guitar during the recording of this song, so he switched to the acoustic guitar. During the instrumental parts, Young also played harmonica.

Neil Young’s songs have often been considered politically charged. “Campaigner” and “Ohio” were protest songs, in which Young called out Richard Nixon. Young showed some sympathy for Nixon during his final years in office, despite the fact that he nearly died of phlebitis. The song is often performed during Neil Young concerts, and it was last played at a Fireside Session show in summer 2020.

Young revisited the ideals of the 1960s and ’70s during the recording of this song, including peace and love. He also drew inspiration from the Kent State Massacre, in which Ohio National guard troops fired into a crowd after breaking Martial Law.

Young has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. His song “Philadelphia” from the 1994 movie Philadelphia won an Academy Award. His other awards include a Grammy and an honorary doctorate in music from Lakehead University, and an honorary doctorate in humane letters from San Francisco State University. He also co-founded the Bridge School with his wife Pegi.

The song “I’m the Ocean” has long been Young’s best selling single. It reached number 17 on the Billboard chart in 1972 and was ranked number 297 on Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest songs list in 2004. It has also become a classic of the American folk music scene. It is also a great example of Neil Young’s versatility as a songwriter.

Neil Young’s classic “I’m the Ocean” is a universal song about the search for true love. Young acknowledges that the search begins within ourselves. The song was first released in February 1972 as a single from his Harvest album. It was an instant hit and became Young’s only chart-topping single in the United States.

Another song by Neil Young is “Heart of Gold.” It is a song about a man’s quest for love. In the lyrics, the singer describes his quest to become a better person before finding the person he wants to share his life with. During this time, he hasn’t found that special someone, and has settled for less than ideal companionship and comfort.

In 1976, Young performed the song at a concert with Joni Mitchell and The Band. This song was later reworked as “Crime in the City” on Freedom. The 20-minute epic was only filmed 13 times, but luckily, third-generation VHS tapes were available to view.

Ringo Starr’s “Octopus Garden”

The Beatles’ “Octopus Garden” is an ode to the sea. The song was written by Ringo Starr, and was inspired by an incident that happened on Peter Sellers’ boat off the coast of Sardinia, in 1968. The captain of the ship explained to Ringo that octopuses build gardens. He also noted that the Beatles were growing increasingly hostile to one another.

The song “Octopus’ Garden” was written by Ringo Starr, then known as Richard Starkey. It was recorded on the Beatles’ album Abbey Road, and was the final lead vocal that Starr performed with The Beatles. It was the first time Starr drew inspiration from a squid, but it was a success. In fact, the song even got Starr high.

While Ringo Starr’s previous albums have been a bit more “disco-oriented,” this latest release is a surprisingly homey affair. This is an album whose production and songwriting are both warm and idiosyncratic. It is a fine example of a “post-punk” album.

Ringo Starr’s second composition for The Beatles was written in Sardinia. During the recording sessions for the White Album, he was temporarily absent. The band’s increasing tensions led him to leave the studio. He went on to take his family abroad for a boating holiday. After spending time with his family, he returned to Abbey Road on 5 September to resume the recording sessions.

A solitary creature, the octopus prefers to live in tiny spaces to avoid the dangers of the ocean. They often clean their new homes, and create their personal gardens to make them feel more secure. Their camouflage skills help them blend into the background. As a result, they have little to fear from predators. This makes their lives much more comfortable.

DNCE’s “Sea Within a Sea”

DNCE’s “Sea within a sea” is one of their best songs. The pop rock group is made up of three members, including a Korean-born guitar player, a low-key drummer, and a pop hitmaker who once roomed with the Disney star. One of the band members once spontaneously sang the theme song to “Friends” during an interview.

The group went on hiatus in 2018, but Joe Jonas has since reunited with his former bandmates to create new music. The Jonas Brothers have also been reuniting, and Joe is married to actress Sophie Turner. In February 2022, DNCE will reunite with their old bandmates. The song will feature a guest appearance from Kygo.

The song has an interesting premise. It talks about cake by the ocean. The music video, however, is quite pornographic, and is not conducive to analyzing the lyrics. In addition, the music video includes a cake fight, which may detract from the song’s real meaning.