Songs About the Law

If you’re looking for songs about the law, you’ve come to the right place. Legally Blonde the Musical has a number of law-related songs, including “Blood in the Water,” a song about learning how to be a shark. Another law-related song, “The Harvard Variations,” features three pompous law students singing about their hopes of getting into Harvard.

Dylan’s “Oxford Town”

The lyrics in Bob Dylan’s Oxford Town have a unique tone and meaning. Dylan wrote it two months after Hard Rain’s a Gonna Fall, so the song is a little different than its predecessor. While the latter was more experimental in its sound and style, Oxford Town is an equally beautiful song. Dylan’s variations in the lyrics call for attention and focus. This song brings disparate things into sharp focus, as Dylan talks about doors being closed to black people and the Mississippi town that is home to these doors.

This song was written by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan in 1962. It was recorded at Columbia’s Studio A in December 1962 and was first released on Dylan’s second album, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. The lyrics and the song were written in response to a call for submissions from Broadside magazine. Dylan chose to write about the enrolment of a black student at the University of Mississippi. The song was eventually printed in Broadside magazine issue #17, published in December 1962.

Johnny Cash’s “Don’t Be a Lawyer”

Johnny Cash’s song Don’t Be a Lawyer was written during the 1980s. The lyrics focus on the negative aspects of becoming a lawyer. Originally performed by Dave Frishberg, the song is still popular today. The lyrics also speak about the importance of a good lawyer-client relationship.

Neil Young’s “Crime in the City”

Neil Young’s “Crime in The City” is a song that was recorded before the release of his Freedom album. It is a song that features literally zillions of verses. The album version was low-key and mostly acoustic. The live performance version is a lot more raucous.

The song is a good example of a Dylanesque song, despite being written by Neil Young. This song was included in Young’s 1989 album Freedom but was never released as a single. Despite this, the song reached number 34 on the Billboard Magazine Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. The released version runs for almost nine minutes, but the earlier versions were much longer. The song is often described as a document of the moral decay in the inner cities of the late 1980s. Some have even interpreted it as a criticism of President Ronald Reagan.

“Crime in the City” is one of Neil Young’s most popular songs. It features a psychedelic atmosphere. The lyrics are extremely sad, and the band’s performance is moving. Neil Young’s guitar work is stunning and entrancing. His voice is powerful and incredibly expressive.

Neil Young is an extremely prolific rock artist. He has built one of the most legendary careers in music. He has a very unique style. He has made a lasting impact on rock and music. He’s also the most versatile songwriter in the history of rock.