SONGS ABOUT BEING SMALL or SELFISH aren’t rare in pop music. For instance, NEIMY’s “Selfish” is all about putting yourself first, without letting anyone in. Rihanna’s “Selfish Girl,” released in 2006 for her album A Girl Like Me, is all about being selfish with yourself.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and voice coach. Her music is powerful and inspirational, and she has used her fame to spread messages of love and equality. Her songs deal with issues like war, police brutality, and the school-to-prison pipeline, among other topics. She has also partnered with charities to raise awareness and promote social good.

The song “A Woman’s Worth” is a feminist anthem for the digital generation. Despite being less bombastic than Aretha Franklin’s masterpiece, it still manages to inspire and motivate. The video, which opens with Keys dragging a young boy aside and teaching him about respect, is a powerful piece of music.

Keys released her eighth studio album, Keys, in 2021. The album’s lead single, “LALA,” is a collaboration between Keys and rapper Swae Lee. The sensual lyrics on “LALA” are an unusual choice for the rapper, whose discography is often more centered on rap and hip-hop. The track is a mix of Alicia Keys’ trademark piano backing and heavy horn and string elements. The song has received Grammy awards for best R&B song and best female R&B vocal performance.

Kanye West

Kanye West is one of the most influential American artists of the 21st century. He is also a businessman, a fashion designer, and a record producer. One of his songs about being selfish/selfish is titled “Selfish.” The song is a melancholic look at materialism and selfishness. The track was leaked online July 11, 2020.

Kanye West recently talked about Watch The Throne album and said that Jay-Z was selfish and didn’t put his song “Holy Grail” on it. He explained that he had submitted multiple songs to Jay-Z, but he didn’t put one on Watch The Throne. He wanted to make WTT a better album and wanted to use the song “Holy Grail” on it instead.

The song was written by Jeezy, who allowed West to write his verse and send it back to him. West changed the lyrics and the song became a platinum-selling song three times.

Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware released a new single, “Selfish Love,” a couple of years ago. It features a sultry melody that sounds like Moloko’s 1998 hit “Sing It Back,” while the lyrics sound eerily similar to Lana Del Rey. The video also features a couple who are enjoying a romantic getaway on a Spanish island.

The pop singer subsequently released a video for the song “Selfish Love.” The song is the follow-up to Ware’s previous single “Midnight,” which premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show this summer. The video, directed by Tom Beard, captures a woman and a man enjoying a luxurious setting. The video’s lush and romantic feel resembles an old Italian film.

Jessie Ware’s album Glasshouse is set for release on October 20. The singer has shared the Spanish version of “Selfish Love.” Unlike the original version, the Spanish version of the song’s title is called “Egoista,” meaning “selfish.” The track also features Ed Sheeran and Cashmere Cat, and was produced by Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat.


Some NEIMY songs are about being selfish or letting go. For example, “Selfish” is a song about a woman who only wants to be with herself. The piano-backed track is soft and melancholy, and Madison Beer’s voice sounds ethereal. From her album Life Support, “Selfish” is also a good example of a melodramatic track about selfishness. Another song about being selfish is Rihanna’s “Selfish Girl,” which was released in 2006 and is about a girl who doesn’t let anyone in.

The songwriter and performer NEIMY has a knack for making pop songs about a person’s feelings and wants. The electro-pop singer has written many songs that have gone viral on the Spotify charts, and she is currently the winner of the Stim scholarship for songwriting. Her song “Dancing in the Moonlight” has been streamed over 300 million times and has been remixed by Tiesto.

Another song about being selfish is “Selfish Love” by Jessie Ware. The song’s lyrics describe the feeling of being taken for granted by someone you love. Ace Wilder, a finalist on Sweden’s version of The X Factor, is a Swedish singer-songwriter. He has penned several songs about being taken for granted.

Stephanie Quayle

If country music cowgirls are anything to go by, Stephanie Quayle is the cowgirl in country music. Her roots in the mountains are central to her ethos and spirit, and that is reflected in her music. She has achieved massive success at country radio, garnering over 100 million audience impressions and ranking in the Top 10 for Current Female Airplay. She has released some great singles in the past couple of years, including “Selfish” and “Whatcha Drinking About.” Her songs reflect her strong connection to her roots, and she leans in with the things she feels.

One of Quayle’s most personal albums, “The Lost Years,” is an album about finding yourself and being self-centered. She spent more than a decade trying to be someone other than herself, and in the process, lost a lover, friends, and body positivity. As a result, her voice is full of regret and pain. It is one of her most powerful songs, and she sings it with the honesty and vulnerability that the listener deserves.

Charli XCX

Charli XCX is an English singer and songwriter. Her real name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison, and she started her career by posting songs on Myspace. A music promoter soon discovered her and she quickly rose to fame. Her songs have gained a wide following around the world.

Her songs have a punk vibe and she has been known to embrace the life of the party girl since before she found success in pop music. The alternative-leaning track “Lipgloss” is a fun and experimental track that fits in with Charli’s punk-pop aesthetic. In this track, Charli and CupcakKe combine repetitive lyrics with catchy production. In addition to Charli’s talented vocals, the track features some of her friends from London’s experimental PC Music label.

Charli XCX’s album, Crash, dropped last Friday, and the deluxe edition will be released tonight. In anticipation of the deluxe version, the singer released a new website called “Vault” to give fans access to sneak peeks of her new songs. The site also offers exclusive access to three-digit codes to listen to snippets of her new music.

Matty Healy

Matty Healy has written a number of songs about the pitfalls of being selfish. These songs are often extremely relatable, and they’ll definitely get you thinking. However, some tracks are better than others. His song “I’m Not Alone” is one such example. Healy sings about being alone, and how it affects his relationships.

Matty Healy has been open about his inspirations for his new single, and we can expect to hear the rest of the album soon. The album is titled “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships,” and it’s due out in October or so.

Matty Healy has a devoted following, and his songs are very relatable. His fans can find comfort in the lyrics and in the band’s lyric videos. Healy has performed on countless television shows, and his music career has made him a household name.

Lesley Gore

Lesley Gore is an American singer-songwriter who sang about female independence and self-empowerment. The songs she wrote were influenced by her own experiences, and she was the subject of some controversy. In 1963, she released a song about her own freedom from a relationship. In a collaboration with Emeli Sande, she released a song about self-empowerment.