Popular Songs About Anorexia

If you are looking for songs about anorexia, you’ve come to the right place. These songs provide encouragement and motivation for people battling this disorder. You might also like Hold On, Ana’s Song (Open Fire), and Infection.

Hold On

If you’re looking for pop songs about anorexia, listen to these songs. They are a wonderful way to get the conversation started about this life-threatening eating disorder. These songs were written by some of the top artists of the day, including Lindsey Stirling, who suffered from the disorder in her early 20s.

“Courage” by Superchick is an almost-upbeat tune with a powerful commentary on eating disorders. It talks about how an eating disorder can make you feel like you can’t present yourself to the world unless you look a certain way. People who are affected by this disorder often go to great lengths to change their bodies in order to look perfect.

“I’m Not Alone” by Maria Mena is another song about anorexia and bulimia. The singer discusses how she feels like an outcast and is constantly wishing she could be normal. Though the song is about her own struggles, it can be relevant for anyone suffering from this disorder. An eating disorder can make you feel unworthy of love and care.

Songs about the illness are not only popular with anorexia sufferers, but they also inspire people to make change in their lives. Songs such as “A Pearl” and “Real Men” speak of the difficulties of recovery. Another popular song by a band called Tears For Fears is “Mad World.” The album also contains other songs that are relevant to the disease, such as “Infection” by Chihiro Onitsuka and “Fighter” by Christina Agulier.

Ana’s Song (Open Fire)

Silverchair’s Ana’s Song (Open Fire) is a hit song from their second studio album, Neon Ballroom. It details lead vocalist Daniel Johns’ struggle with anorexia nervosa. The song reached the top forty on the Australian ARIA chart and the US Mainstream Rock chart.

Ana’s Song (Sippy Cup)

This song is about a child whose mother kills her father. It’s a sad story, but one that kids of all ages will appreciate. The lyric tells the story of Crybaby’s mother, who’s insecure and angry because her husband cheated on her.

Melanie Martinez released the song “Sippy Cup” as the third single from her debut album Cry Baby. She shared a sneak preview of the song with fans via her Instagram account. Her dad also posted a clip of the song. The song’s music video was released the same day.


Several pop songs have dealt with the topic of eating disorders. Maria Mena is one popular singer with a personal experience with the eating disorder. In her song, “Eyesore,” she talks about the purpose of anorexia. While this is a sad subject, it’s important to remember that these songs are not meant to be depressing or judgmental.

“4st 7lb” by Marianas Trench is another example. The song is about anorexia nervosa, but it also has lyrics about eating disorders in general. It was written and produced by Josh Ramsay and reached number 21 on the Canadian Hot 100 chart.

Another song about anorexia is “Innocent,” by the band Silverchair. The song is a tribute to Princess Diana, who suffered from the disorder. It focuses on how hard it can be to live with this illness. However, the message is universal and can help anyone struggling with it.

Another song about anorexia that many people might recognize is “Courage.” This song features a girl who is battling anorexia and is describing her struggles with an eating disorder. The song’s lyrics talk about how she was starving herself to feel beautiful, and how she struggled through the day because of this condition.

Another song about anorexia is “Deadly Beauty,” by Norwegian singer Maria Mena. It describes a young girl’s downward spiral into anorexia after she lost her boyfriend. The song details the struggle and eventual death of this young girl.

Skin and Bones

If you’re looking for a song about anorexia and eating disorders, consider Skin and Bones by Marianas Trench. This song tells the story of someone who suffers from an eating disorder. The lyrics talk about feeling like “skin and bones” and feeling like a freak because of their disorder. The song, which was released on their Fix Me album, reached number 21 on the Canadian Hot 100 chart.

This song, “Skin and Bones,” is an anthem to a person’s struggle with body image issues. It tells of a woman who is battling anorexia and comparing herself to a casket kept in her closet. GLAM also has a song about anorexia. The singer expresses how she feels when she looks in the mirror.

Another song about anorexia is “Innocent” by Silverchair singer Daniel Johns. It makes reference to the death of Princess Diana, but is a song for anyone suffering from anorexia or any eating disorder. The song also makes a reference to the band’s own experience with the disorder.

“Skinny Skinny” is a powerful song about the struggle to achieve an ideal body size. The song is not afraid to bring up the subject of eating disorders, and Ashton Irwin’s powerful vocals make it an excellent song to listen to. The song also has a good backing track and harmonies.


Popular songs about Anorexia have a wide range of topics and styles. Some songs are quite dark while others are uplifting. Listen to some of these songs to learn more about the disease. You may even be surprised to hear that you are not alone in your struggle. There are countless other individuals struggling with this disease, so don’t be afraid to talk to someone who has been where you are.

Some songs have been inspired by personal experience. One such song features the story of a woman struggling with anorexia. “Sofia” is a powerful song that portrays a girl who has an unhealthy obsession with her weight. This song is a powerful reminder of how difficult it can be to overcome the pressure to be thin.

Another song about anorexia that has inspired many people is Skin and Bones by Marianas Trench. This song is based on the singer’s own experience with the disorder. The song talks about feeling like “skin and bones” and feeling like a “freakshow” because of an eating disorder. It reached number 21 on the Canadian Hot 100.

Other popular songs about Anorexia include “Scars to Your Beautiful,” a song by singer Lady Gaga. This song tells the story of a girl suffering from this eating disorder, and its lyrics convey the importance of recognizing the warning signs. It also tells a tale of a girl who falls into the disease after her boyfriend left her. The song also communicates the importance of privacy and body positivity.