Places to See and Things to Do in Kettering Ohio

If you want to spend a day outdoors, there are several places you can check out in Kettering, Ohio. For example, the Cox Arboretum and Gardens MetroPark is free to visit every day and is an excellent place for a family day trip. If you love animals, the park also allows dogs on a leash.

Skateworld of Kettering

When visiting Kettering Ohio, a great way to spend an afternoon is to visit Skateworld of Kettering. This skateboard park has an arcade where you can win prizes and play games. During the week, Skateworld of Kettering offers an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., on Friday and Saturday. The buffet is also open on Sunday from 4:30 to 7 p.m.

Another great activity in Kettering is going to the Fraze Pavilion. The venue seats 4,300 people and hosts Summer’s Best Live Music Under the Stars. Tickets are available at the Ticket Office or online. Fraze Pavilion is also home to Fraze Fanfare Shows.

The city of Kettering has a great reputation for being a great place to raise children. Its public schools are among the best in the country, and it has excellent shopping areas and nice neighborhoods. In addition to skateboarding, you can also find jobs and volunteer opportunities in Kettering. The city’s history is rooted in the late 18th century. The area was first utilized as farmland. In 1841, the area was incorporated as Van Buren Township. It was not until 1955 that the population grew large enough to call the area a city.

While you’re in Kettering, be sure to take a stroll around the town’s beautiful parks. Hills & Dales MetroPark is a wonderful spot for hiking or strolling. The park also offers an arcade with many fun activities, including miniature golf and batting cages.

Cox Arboretum

A free arboretum in Dayton, Ohio, is Cox Arboretum and Gardens MetroPark. Located at 6733 Springboro Pike, this 189-acre park is open to the public daily. It is part of the Five Rivers Metroparks system.

Located on Route 19 west, this arboretum features special indoor and outdoor venues. The Cox Arboretum offers a wide range of educational activities and events throughout the year. During the summer, there is a summer concert in the Zorniger Education Center, which is open to the public after hours.

There are trails that meander through meadows and woodlands. A children’s maze, conifer knoll, and ornamental grass collection are among the other attractions. The park also has a water garden and rock garden. Hiking through the arboretum’s gardens provides ample inspiration for your own landscaping and gardening projects.

Volunteers can also help to keep the park beautiful by serving as gardeners, instructors, and tour guides. Whether you’re a novice gardener or a seasoned professional, the Cox Arboretum welcomes new volunteers! Just call (937) 275-PARK for more information.

There is an observation tower at the Cox Arboretum MetroPark that offers stunning views of the park. Since the tower was planned over a decade ago, the Cox Arboretum Foundation has been raising funds for the project. Fundraising efforts for the project have resulted in nearly $500,000 of donations. The event, scheduled for Oct. 9, is now postponed.

A variety of activities are available for kids at the Cox Arboretum. Visiting this park with children allows them to learn about plants and learn about their habitats. Children can also enjoy the Discover board game, which allows them to plan their own day’s activities. In addition, they can learn about pollinator-friendly plants, which help keep the park beautiful and thriving. While there, visitors can take home ideas for pollinator-friendly gardens in their own yards.

National Museum of the US Air Force

The National Museum of the US Air Force in Kestering, Ohio, is home to many aircraft that served our nation. The NMUSAF houses one of the last operational EC-121s, a nicknamed Triple Nickel. In 1973, it set the world altitude record for twin-engine amphibians. It was retired from the Air Force two weeks later and brought to the museum for display.

The museum has several exhibit halls that showcase a large number of military aircraft. There is the Kettering Gallery, which features mainly Cold War-era aircraft. It also includes the South Modern Flight Hangar, which showcases more than fifteen post-Cold War planes. The museum also has an IMAX theater that shows films on space and aviation history.

A new museum building is currently under construction, and it will feature a full Titan IV booster. It will also have a space gallery and be indoors, which will give visitors a better idea of how the Air Force has shaped our nation. Today, one third of museum visitors have military experience. However, this percentage is decreasing.

Visitors will also be able to view the world’s oldest military aircraft museum. The museum is located on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, and houses more than 300 aircraft and missiles. It has several galleries and several unique features such as an Outdoor Air Park, a Presidential Hangar, and a Research and Development Hangar.

While most of the museum’s aircraft are from World War II, some are rare and unique. In the museum, visitors will find rare aircraft, including a rare XF-90, which has been modified. It was fitted with a fuel tank and had its wings removed. It was shipped to the museum from Griffiss Air Force Base in New York.

The Museum also houses aircraft from the Vietnam War era. The museum’s collection includes a Douglas A-1H Skyraider, serial number 9506, and a Douglas VC-118 Liftmaster, C/N 42881/129. The museum’s exhibits also include presidential aircraft.