Places to See and Things to Do in Eugene Oregon

There are a number of places to see and things to do in Eugene, Oregon. The city is located on the Willamette River and is home to the University of Oregon. The city’s cultural attractions include the Northwest-focused Museum of Natural and Cultural History and the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, which is known for its Asian collection. Other attractions include the Fifth Street Public Market, where you can find restaurants and local shops. You can also explore Alton Baker Park, which has extensive trails and a rhododendron garden.

Hendricks Park

There are many places to visit in Eugene Oregon. If you’re looking for a relaxing day trip, a visit to the Rhododendron Garden is a good idea. It’s a picturesque park with plenty of tree shade. It’s also a good place to relax and read a book.

Hendricks Park is Eugene’s oldest city park, with more than 80 acres of natural land and a world-renowned rhododendron garden. The rhododendrons bloom during mid-spring and remain in bloom throughout the summer. This park also has a fireplace and a Moon Terrace Deck, which can be rented for a special event.

Hendricks Park is the oldest city park in Eugene and is home to several large parks and gardens. A 12-acre rhododendron garden and several acres of native plants are the highlights of the park. The park features a variety of trails and is a great place for hiking, jogging, and watching birds.

Hendricks Park also has several picnic tables and shelters. You can bring your family and have a picnic or have a family gathering there. You can also visit the Museum of Natural and Cultural History to learn about the natural history of the area. You can see fossils, preserved animals, and exhibits of university artifacts. You’ll also find permanent exhibits here about climate and ecosystems.

While you’re in Eugene, you should visit the Saturday Market. This weekly market is one of the oldest open-air markets in the U.S. It’s a great place to shop for locally made items and sample locally made food. The Saturday Market also features live music and local artists.

Cascades Raptor Center

The Cascades Raptor Center is a nature center in Eugene, Oregon, specializing in raptor rehabilitation. You can take a hike through the Oregon woods or tour the center’s Visitor Center to learn about the birds. A private tour is available if you would like to see raptors up close.

The Cascades Raptor Center has 40 resident raptors and a rehabilitation clinic. Volunteers rescue birds and provide care. The center also works with the Fish and Wildlife Service to care for injured birds. It is one of the most extensive collections of raptors in the Pacific Northwest.

The center is located near Fox Hollow Road and Christensen Road. You can see a variety of native and non-native birds and learn about their lives. The Raptor Center’s staff is passionate about educating visitors about these fascinating creatures. The center is open Tuesday through Sunday, except on holiday weekends.

Cascades Raptor Center’s goal is to educate the public about raptors and the environment. Visitors of all ages can see raptors up close and learn about their needs. The center also travels to schools and other public events to introduce these majestic creatures to the public.

Cascades Raptor Center in Oregon is home to one of the largest collections of native raptors in the Pacific Northwest. It is a volunteer-based nonprofit that focuses on the rehabilitation and education of these animals. In the process, they try to return native raptors to the wild.

Owen Rose Garden

The Owen Rose Garden is a beautiful, free park in Eugene, Oregon. It features beautiful flower displays, picnic areas, biking and pedestrian paths, and a performance space. It is a perfect place to spend a beautiful afternoon with friends and family. You can also take a picnic lunch and relax in one of the many picnic shelters.

Located near the Willamette River and the Washington-Jefferson Street Bridge, the Owen Rose Garden is a quiet, peaceful spot for visitors. It has over 400 different varieties of roses and is perfect for families or couples who love flowers. There are picnic tables and looped pathways that allow you to enjoy the flowers without having to rush. You can also reserve picnic shelters to host organized events.

Owen Rose Garden is Eugene’s second-oldest public park, and has been around for over 60 years. In 1951, George Owen donated the land to the city. The land is now a part of the Willamette Greenway, a park that stretches from the Ferry Street Bridge to the bike bridge near Valley River Center. The rose garden is free to visit and has no parking fee.

Volunteers are needed to maintain the Owen Rose Garden. Work parties are organized periodically to help care for the garden. The volunteers gain experience in rose pruning, planting, and fertilizing. They also help bring attention to the park. Volunteers also help maintain the trails in the park.

Roses are extremely labor-intensive plants to maintain, and Daphne Sampson, the garden manager, has weekly work plans that balance planting, mulching, weeding, pruning, and general landscaping responsibilities. The garden also has a calendar that shows when work will be done on each week.