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Is A Divorce Mediation Settlement Legally Binding?

Yes, the mediation ends with a signed agreement or, if the lawyers represent the parties, they commit to ending the case with a formal settlement and consent agreement. We always recommend reaching a formal agreement before the parties leave mediation.

Some courts require this procedure, especially if the procedure has to go through mediation before the procedure starts. You can now also get trusted Christian mediation & arbitration services in FL.

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What if we can't come to an agreement? You can return to the conflict or, if the process hasn't started yet, take your matter to court or arbitration if you wish.

The mediation process you have been through remains confidential and your mediator cannot be asked to testify in court if you choose to go to court after mediation.

In fact, all parties, their lawyers, and anyone who may be involved in the mediation process is obliged to keep every aspect of mediation confidential. The only information disclosed is information provided and agreed by either party, the mediator, or the other person to disclose.

In mediation, the parties have complete control over the process and the outcome. Mediators are experts in executing the process, but not decision-makers. The real decision-makers are the parties themselves.

The mediator helps the parties to reach an agreement, but cannot enforce or dictate the terms of the agreement. This means that if you choose to solve all the problems or issues during the mediation process.

The other party does the same, your problem will be resolved and you won't have to go through the costs and difficulties of litigation or the whole case, or at least the topics you've narrowed down by the agreement.

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