How to Declutter and Organize a Messy Room

The first step in decluttering and organizing a messy room is to sort through the items. Create a place for each category of things. For example, place your underwear in one area of the room. Your books should be in another area, and your piles of papers should go in another.

Creating a designated place for everything

If you’re in a cluttered room, creating a designated place for everything can help you get rid of clutter and make the room more organized. To start, you should clear the room completely, and then sort everything into categories and decide where to put each item. Typically, you want your most-used items to be in easy-to-access places. Less-used items should be stored in harder-to-reach areas. You might lose your sense of where things go, so you should do a thorough inventory of your belongings to decide where to put them.

Using storage containers and shelving systems can help you organize a messy room. Using a central area, like a front hall, laundry room, or garage entrance, allows you to organize things easily. By using inexpensive storage containers and shelves, you’ll be able to make everything in your room have a home and a designated place.

Creating a designated place for underwear

Creating a designated place for underwear can be an easy and practical solution to a messy room. Keeping underwear in a designated place will ensure that you always have them within reach and easily accessible. Since underwear is a private item, it is important to keep it organized and accessible. To accomplish this, you can use drawer organizers or other closet accessories.

One of the easiest ways to keep underwear organized is by separating them by type. You can purchase drawer dividers at your local store. You can also purchase fabric bins and stack underwear inside them. If you don’t want to buy a dresser, you can also make your own storage solution.

Creating a designated place for books

If your room is cluttered with books, create a designated space for each book. Place them by height and color to create order, but remember to leave some breathing space. You can flank standing books with a bookend or large geode, or simply add small textured elements to break up the wall. Small live plants can also help with the air circulation, but don’t overdo it – too many plants can overpower the room.

Creating a designated place for paper piles

If you have a messy room, the best way to get things back under control is to designate a place for everything. By assigning a spot to everything, you can ensure that it stays there and doesn’t get mixed up with other things. Start by taking a pen and paper and listing everything that you have in the room. Once you have written down all of the objects, you can assign their designated storage places. For example, clothing should go in the closet, books go on a wall shelf, and extra pillows go in a drawer under the bed.