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How Many Suppliers Does Worldwide Brands Have?

As one of the only paid directories of wholesalers and drop shippers, Worldwide Brands is often compared to alternatives like Doba and Salehoo.  Indeed, these are it's only direct competitors – they are the only other paid supplier directories on the Internet.  Of course, there are free sites and marketplaces like and eSources, but there are very few paid directories and Worldwide Brands is both the largest and most expensive to join.

Worldwide Brands has around 8,000 wholesalers, drop shippers and liquidators in it's database, and from these suppliers – many of which are based in the United States – there are over 16 million products that are available to buy at trade prices.

This is very large compared to the other paid directories.  For example, Salehoo, which is the leading alternative to Worldwide Brands, has about 5,000 suppliers and less than two million products.  Doba, which only offers drop shipped goods and no bulk orders, has around one million products for sale from less than 100 suppliers.

Worldwide Brands is the largest paid directory, and as a result you will often find lower prices among their suppliers due to the increased competition.  Moreover, there are many suppliers of branded or obscure goods that are very difficualt to find elsewhere.

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