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Houses For Sale in Ivanhoe

 In the present economy, is there a better way to market property if you have several houses for sale? Normally the path the average home seller would take is to call a local realtor and contract with them to try and sell their property. If you want to sale and buy your home online then you can look for: Ivanhoe – Miles Real Estate

But if you have more than one property you want to move, I'm guessing you're not average are you? More than likely you're an investor and the thought of having to pay upwards of a 6% commission is not a pleasant thought at all, is it?

If you had three properties and the average value of each was $100,000.00 that would mean you would have to pay $15,000.00 in commissions.

That's a lot of money but it's not outrageous if the realtor actually does their job. There is some good news here. What many people don't realize is you can actually negotiate the terms of a contract with a realtor.

That's right, you can negotiate it. Call several in the area and give it a try. Why would they want to do this? A good reason would likely be that you are not a one trick pony. You don't just have one property, you have several houses for sale.

Another tactic you can use, or that the real estate agent you pick can use, is to hire a property stager. Staging a property is the easiest and fastest way to get a prospect to fall in love with a piece of real estate. Not staging is also one of the biggest mistakes most homeowners make when they are trying to sell their home.

Generally when a piece of property is put on the market, the house is spruced up a bit, carpets are cleaned a little, paint is put here and there, but generally things are still a cluttered mess.

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