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Grinders Available From Amazons

Sea salt, also known as pink Himalayan Sea Salt, is a great alternative to table salt. As a matter of fact, many people prefer sea salt to table salt because it’s better for your health. It’s also cheaper. However, many sea salt brands are now claiming that they are indeed using “pure” or “real” salt… when in reality it’s just regular table salt mixed with some harmless minerals. So, what is the truth behind all this “Pure Salt” hype and do we really have any surefire way of knowing which brands are genuine?

True Celtic Sea Salt is harvested in special coastal salty water channels along the west coast of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. High pressure and high tides draw the salty water to these areas. Then, sea water is transported to the inland pens, where it is allowed to gradually evaporate slowly, leaving behind fine ground salt as a byproduct. Only ultra-fine and dark grey sea salt is harvested in these places, which makes them very much less “natural” than table salt from the USA.

Ammonium chloride is the key ingredient in Sea Salt, and is often called Pure Rock Salt. It is a naturally occurring mineral, formed from decaying plant and animal matter. Today, it’s used in many different forms including as an environmentally friendly alternative to table salt, as a health food and energy booster, in cosmetics, and even as an anti-aging agent. There are two types of Ammonium Chloride, or Caustic Acid, the fine grained black type found in Sea Salt and the coarser crystal white variety found in Himalayan Sea Salt.

Many companies like to add some Ammonium Chloride to their sea salt to make it seem more “natural”. Ammonia molecules are too large to pass through the small pores found between the salt crystals, so the company will add just a little bit, hoping to achieve some of the same benefits as a regular table salt. The problem with this is that Ammonia molecules are too large to be absorbed through the human body, and because of this; table salt and other forms of sea salt are actually bad for your health! Ammonia is very poisonous and is well known for its ability to cause burns, nausea, vomiting, asthma, diarrhea, cramps, fatigue, and other unpleasant conditions.

If you want a “real” crystal salt, look for one that is mined from the sea water, as these salts have been processed and refined. In addition, natural sea water salts will contain traces of calcium and magnesium, along with other trace minerals. The most common type of sea salt is the alkaline sea salt crystals that are harvested from the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans. These salts have been refined and treated to make them even more fine and crystal, thus making them ideal for use in cooking and baking.

Amazon Sea Salt and Mexican Black Sea Salt are two other types of fine sea salts that are mined from the Amazon River. While these salts may cost more than the “regular” table salts, they are worth it! Natural stones such as these, contain minerals that are rich in antioxidants, trace elements, vitamins, minerals, as well as essential fatty acids. The properties found in these naturally occurring gemstones have been proven to benefit the heart, brain, bones and blood vessels. When purchasing sea salts at a rock salt grinder, it is important to choose ones that are harvested from the Amazon because the rocks in the Amazon are the purest available.

There are many types of rock salt available on the market today, but none are as beneficial to your health as the Amazonian variety. As with any type of mineral, you must carefully consider which type you want to use for your baking and cooking projects. Each type of fine sea salt will react differently in the presence of heat and light. Amethyst, black sea salt, marine grade Epsom Salt and Mexican coarse salt all react differently to high temperatures and light, which result in a more desirable result for your projects. You can purchase a multi-purpose grinder from an Amazons Rock Salt outlet, so that you will be able to grind herbs, spices, sea salt, sugar, nuts, cheese, sea algae, corn, flour, sea salt, etc., without having to purchase an entire different brand and type of grinder just to accomplish your project.

If you want to purchase an affordable fine grinder and a great grinder too, then look into the Amazon Rainforest collection. This brand of product is designed for precision and is made of fine ground Columbian red and Peruvian black rocks and sand. The blades of this grinder are made of a type of Vitreous silica and are ideal for creating fine ground sea salt. The pink, purple and orange colors of the rocks used in this particular model of the Amazon Rainforest collection are also ideal for using on food projects.