Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Salt Baths

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Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Salt Baths

Lather up with Dead Sea Bath Salts to revitalize and refresh your skin. Create your own spa with Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts! Relax with a massage at our five-star Dead Sea Resort. Relieve stress and enjoy the many therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts for up to 72 hours straight. Enjoy the ultimate in luxurious spa experience.

Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts: “The world’s first complete natural spa” Lavish yourself in the relaxing effects of dead sea salt baths. Made with the finest of all natural Dead Sea minerals right from the Dead Sea, AHAVA `s bath salts help to soothe muscle spasms and ease inflammation, restoring even the most lonesome of muscles, returning your skin` s balance so it regains that beautiful glowing glow. They are exceptionally rich in sodium, magnesium and potassium and contain no added chemical additives.

“Spa therapy meets Dead Sea salt” Bath salts created with Dead Sea salts meet stringent international standards for therapeutic purity and potency. All bath salt products produced by The Dead Sea have met strict regulations for manufacturing procedures, batch control, labeling and preservative requirements. The Dead Sea salt bath salt products produced by The Dead Sea are among the purest and most effective forms of salt available.

Dead Sea salt has been used since biblical times to heal wounds, treat flatulence and as a diuretic and a stimulant. For thousands of years, it was used as a healing agent, today many alternative health practitioners and natural nutritionists use it for its powerful effect on the whole body. With recent discoveries, it has proven to be one of the most beneficial ingredients in natural health supplements, especially for mineral deficiencies, as well as being very useful in the treatment of sports injuries and burns.

Dead Sea salt can also be used in conjunction with essential oils. It can provide a synergistic effect in healing and rejuvenation. Dead Sea salt and essential oils not only serve as soothing influences, they act as natural astringents, deodorants, antibacterial agents and antiseptic for wounds and other skin problems. Essential oils are usually blended with a complimentary carrier oil, such as olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil, to provide the full therapeutic benefits. Essential oils and Dead Sea salt are the best companions when it comes to treating ailments and restoring lost balance in the body.

With the increasing awareness on our environment and our diets, many people are trying to eat healthier, live healthier and become more aware of the ingredients contained in our foods and other everyday items. The popularity of Dead Sea salts and Dead Sea salt is on the rise, especially since the first television commercial for Epsom Salt was aired in 2020. Today, over one hundred percent of American households use Dead Sea salt in one form or another. One reason for this rising popularity is the numerous health benefits associated with using Dead Sea salt baths and relaxing with a Dead Sea salt aromatherapy massage. Although Epsom salt was once touted as the cure all for various ailments, it now appears that the popularity of Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt is due more to the fact that both have healing properties and both are very effective in treating and preventing illness and the common cold.

Today, bath salts are used in salons, day spas and more to revitalize tired, stressed and irritable bodies and minds. As more people become aware of the healing properties found in Dead Sea salts, many are attracted to the benefits of bath salts and Dead Sea salt. The popularity of these bath salts is not a surprise. As our world becomes more health conscious, we have begun to realize that there is more than just “junk food” and “junk fuel” – we need nutritious foods and fuel for the body and mind. And just as junk food cannot make you lose weight, neither can it make you feel healthy and fit.

The salt found in Dead Sea salts contain a variety of beneficial minerals including magnesium, potassium and calcium. These minerals are important for maintaining good overall health. Our bodies are comprised of a combination of salt and minerals including sodium, potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium. These minerals including calcium, potassium and iron play an important role in the function of our body systems. And just as our kidneys do a good job filtering out toxins from our blood and water, our skin cells, hair follicles and blood cells filter toxins from entering our system and help us keep ourselves healthy and strong.