Dead Sea Salt and Walmart

There is a great controversy going on right now in Israel concerning the free market and Dead Sea salt. In fact, they are worried that Wal-Mart is about to buy the entire stock of Dead Sea salt. Well, let me tell you something; this whole story does not make any sense.

Dead Sea Salt walmart

The very fact that a multi-billion dollar company such as Wal-Mart would ever want to buy all of this unsavory gray hair shampoos is silly on many levels. That is to say if I was running a small business, I would not put all of my savings into it. In fact, I would not even think about it. Why?

If I were running a profitable enterprise, I would not be spending millions of dollars to provide free samples to my potential customers. After all, they did come back once, and they will most likely come back again. So why would I want to expend more money promoting a private label brand shampoo from a foreign manufacturer when I could promote an American brand shampoo? Please consider all this.

Now then, it appears that someone in Israel has gotten permits to visit the US, and inspect two distribution plants in California. And they have written reports on the supposed effectiveness of two of the most popular Dead Sea Salt brands. And then they conclude that both contain harmful sodium chloride detergents. You might suppose so, since Sodium Chloride is one of the most common ingredients in popular shampoos, skin and laundry products.

Of course, the most effective shampoo for eliminating gray hair would be a natural organic shampoo, and not one that contains Sodium Chloride or any of the other dangerous chemicals that are commonly found in commercial shampoo products. So let’s assume that these inspections result in negative conclusions about Dead Sea salt products, and therefore that we should ban their use. Doesn’t this just create more problems?

Well, it certainly would, because many of the shampoos which are currently on the market contain Sodium Hypochlorite. It is used as a cheap means of preserving the original salt content, but it is also a well known irritant and cancer-causing chemical. It is banned in some European nations, and its use here is strictly limited to laboratory experiments. Yet, in the US, it is still used in many non Laboratories, including hair styling and beauty salons. Consumers would never know that Sodium Hypochlorite is a chemical, and they would also never learn that it is banned in the US. So, as long as these products stay in the market, they will inevitably cause consumers harm.

There is something else that consumers need to know about Dead Sea Salt and Walmart products, and that is the fact that both of them are products which are on the verge of being banned from the European market. This is because, according to reports, the EU is looking closely at the Dead Sea as a result of persistent complaints about the chemical waste that is being left behind by Israeli companies. If the EU proceeds with its investigation, it will most definitely ban the Dead Sea Salt, and all other water treatment products made with it. So, if you buy Dead Sea Salt, or any other mineral-based shampoo, you could be in big trouble, possibly even facing jail time. What’s more, many US companies which make shampoo products with Dead Sea Salt are considering shifting their production lines over to China, in an effort to save costs.

But here’s the bottom line: there is absolutely no need for you to be concerned with Dead Sea salt, Walmart, or any other company which offers you artificial cosmetic products. As a matter of fact, your best option is to stay away from all of them. Natural minerals are what your skin truly needs, and not chemical additives. And when it comes to ingredients, always look for those which come directly from the Dead Sea, as these tend to be among the healthiest and most effective components that you can find. So keep in mind – there is certainly nothing wrong with shopping at either a Dead Sea salt factory outlet or a Walmart store.