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Building Security in Commercial Property Leasing

Property access and property security are two distinctly separate things. Most tenants today require extended hours of operation and property access. They need to be able to do business when they want to, and the building needs to provide the mechanism to do so. This is where access, security and facility & building systems management become so important.

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You can split the matters of access and security into two separate categories and strategies.

This check list below will help you with the property management process and also help you in any building inspections that you do as a property manager or leasing manager.

Keys and secure access to the building are important. Most buildings should have a master key system and the tenancies should be keyed within that system. This allows emergency access for the property manager when the building has problems and the tenancy needs to be accessible. The master key system also prevents the keys being cut by tenants or unauthorised persons.

After-hours access to the property is a modern property requirement that every tenant wants. Every building today should have after hours entrance points and a particular entrance strategy that is known to the tenants. Importantly the entrance point should be secure and safe at any time of the day. The tenants need to feel secure as they enter and leave the building even in the early hours of the morning.

Tenancy Security systems are unique. They will be unique to the tenancy requirements and give the tenant access to both their floor and their entrance door way. Individually each tenant should be given the capability to isolate particular times of access to the tenancy and also isolate individual access points for different people. When people resign from the business or are newly employed, the necessary security access can be provided or adjusted.


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