Best Places to Visit in Gallup, New Mexico

El Morro National Park

El Morro National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Gallup, New Mexico. It has a history of nearly 2,000 years. Its Spanish carvings date back to 1605, and continue to this day. There are inscriptions of important Hispanic travelers, including Don Feliz Martinez, Pedro Romero, and Ramon Garcia Jurado. Throughout the years, Americans have added their own inscriptions to the rocks, including some that are quite modern. While many of these inscriptions are still being preserved, modern graffiti has been discouraged.

The park’s trails and visitor center are open year-round. Visitors are welcome to hike or bike through the area. Depending on the season, they can hike to the summit of El Morro or stroll the park’s trails. The visitor center has exhibits on over 700 years of human history, and there’s a 15-minute video introduction to the park. Children can also examine specimens at a touch table.

El Morro is a sandstone butte that once housed about 1,500 people. The monument is surrounded by hiking trails that take visitors to the summit of the bluff. The area is also home to numerous petroglyphs and over 2,000 signatures of travelers.

The park is a popular hiking destination in Gallup. It is home to many historic sites and trading posts. The area has many cultural attractions, including an Indian art market and several Native American shops. In addition, Gallup is known as the adventure capital of New Mexico. The rugged red rock landscape provides a variety of hiking trails for visitors of all skill levels.

Zuni Pueblo

If you’re looking for an interesting cultural destination in Gallup, New Mexico, Zuni Pueblo is one of your best options. Visitors can explore the ruins of an ancient Pueblo and see the carvings created by travelers. If you’re interested in hiking, there are several trails in the area. The Inscription Trail is a popular half-mile trail that can be completed in less than an hour. Another hike, called the Headland Trail, is rated moderate to difficult and takes you to the site of Atsinna, an ancestral Pueblo. Gallup is known as the “Adventure Capital of New Mexico” for its hiking opportunities, so there’s something for everyone.

Zuni Pueblo is located on the scenic Byway of the Ancients, and tours are available for visiting these ancient sites. Visitors can also visit the Our Lady of Guadalupe mission church, which was built in 1629. If you’re looking for an even more fascinating experience, head out to El Morro National Monument, which is a hidden treasure that dates back centuries.

When visiting Zuni Pueblo, remember to respect the traditional culture. The site is located on a Native American reservation, and you must respect their privacy. If you’re planning to take pictures or film an event, be sure to get permission from the Pueblo’s administration beforehand. It’s also important to observe silence during traditional events. Applause and questions will interrupt the concentration of the participants.

Perry Null Trading

For those who want to purchase unique gifts, Perry Null Trading is one of the best destinations. The store is located at the intersection of Route 66 and Third Street. Inside, visitors can explore the city’s past. The store is home to over one thousand local artisans, so if you’re looking for a unique gift, this is the place to go.

Visitors to the trading store can also shop for Native American jewelry and other items. The company also sells baskets, fetishes, pottery, and other native arts. The unique jewelry and other items at Perry Null Trading are made by Navajo and Hopi artisans.

Whether you’re looking for authentic Indian jewelry or a nice set of saddles, the Null Trading store has exactly what you’re looking for. In addition to its unique merchandise, the store also features a pawn shop and a check-cashing service.

Whether you’re shopping for Native American jewelry or Native American crafts, Gallup is home to a wide variety of local art and souvenirs. The town’s many trading posts offer extensive collections of authentic Native American items. These stores are located in walking distance of public parking lots, making them easy to find.

Anthony’s Diner

If you’re craving a delicious meal, Anthony’s Diner is one of the top places to visit in Gallup. Featuring an extensive menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes, this eatery serves up the best American cuisine. Located in downtown Gallup, Anthony’s Diner is a must-visit for foodies in the area.

The restaurant has high ceilings and images of the old Southwest. The menu includes American and Mexican breakfast specialties, including enchiladas, sopapillas, fajitas, and tamales. The eatery offers delivery and takeout services.

The town is also home to several popular cafes. Anthony’s A Taste of the Southwest and Grandpa’s Grill are local favorites. In addition to authentic Navajo food, guests can sample green chili and “frybread” made from deep-fried bread. Visitors can also sample local crafts at Gallup Coffee Company and Anthony’s A Taste Of The Southwest.

If you’re looking for something more active to do while in Gallup, check out the Weaving in Beauty studio, located on West Coal Avenue. The studio also offers classes and has an online store. You can even take a yoga class at the studio. It’s a laid-back and relaxed space, and the atmosphere is casual and welcoming.

Maria’s Cafe in Gallup is an excellent choice for breakfast or lunch. Located downtown, it has been a local fixture for nearly 40 years. Customers can try traditional New Mexican food and classic Italian dishes. The cafe even offers a sugar-dusted French toast and knockout grinders. You can also try their homemade pie.

El Rancho Hotel

El Rancho Hotel is a historic, New Mexico hotel with vintage western characteristics. The lobby features heavy wood furnishings, a player piano, and pictures of movie stars. There’s also a fireplace and a large table in the lobby for socializing. The restaurant serves traditional southwestern dishes.

In 1936, the hotel was opened. It was built by the brother of legendary movie director D.W. Griffith, who had first visited the town in the early 1930s. Soon, the hotel became the location of many film productions. The rustic charm and convenient location made the El Rancho an ideal choice for film productions.

The hotel has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1988. It also won a grant from the National Park Service’s Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program. It’s located at 1000 East 66, near I-40 exit 22. The hotel has a restaurant and overnight accommodations.

The El Rancho Hotel offers 75 rooms, some named after famous movie stars. Rooms range from the Presidential Suite to a simple one-bed room. All have western decor and heavy wooden furniture. There are two floors and three stories, and the corridors are decorated with murals of the old west. There’s also a hotel restaurant, which serves standard American food.

The hotel’s restaurant serves three meals a day, and the atmosphere is casual and cozy. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including burgers and steaks named after famous movie stars. You can also enjoy traditional New Mexican fare and American classics like enchiladas and tacos.

Chaco Canyon

Located at an elevation of 6,200 feet, Chaco Canyon is a popular destination for outdoor recreation. It offers hiking trails, a paved road and night sky programs. During the summer, high temperatures can reach the mid-80s, and winter temperatures can drop to below freezing. Visitors to Chaco Canyon should plan their trip accordingly; expect a bit of unpredictable weather, so it’s a good idea to pack plenty of water. Dog owners can bring their pets along, as it’s safe for them to hike the trail.

Chaco Canyon contains fascinating archaeological evidence. In addition to petroglyphs, the walls and buildings of the ancient site are aligned with the winter and summer solstices. The buildings and monuments are said to reflect the interest of the Chaco people in solar and lunar cycles. Their constructions were also aligned with these natural events, guiding agricultural activities.

If you have time, take a hike through the ruins of the Great House, the Chetro Ketl. The Petroglyph Trail connects the sites. This trail winds along the cliff face. Some petroglyphs are still visible, but others have been covered with sediment. Using binoculars will help you get a better look at the ancient art. You can also explore the Pueblo Bonito, the largest great house in Chaco. This structure was constructed between 850 and 1150 A.D. and was once the cultural center of the Chacoan world.

The area around Gallup is surrounded by breathtaking natural elements. It is also home to some of the oldest cultural sites in the country. Zuni Pueblo is less than an hour away and has one of the country’s largest archeological sites. Among the other places to visit in Gallup, New Mexico, are the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and the Bisti Badlands.