Best Places to Visit in Fort Stockton, Texas

Fort Stockton, Texas is a proudly preserved frontier fort, boasting a colorful Old West heritage. This historic site was once home to Comanches, Buffalo Soldiers, and pioneers. It also boasts a storied history of feuding gunslingers and ruthless lawmen.

Grey Mule Saloon

If you want to enjoy a good drink and a good meal, try the Grey Mule Saloon. It is located next to the Historic Old Pecos County Jail and features a cozy atmosphere. The staff is friendly and the prices are affordable. Besides, you can also sample the wines and try different types of appetizers.

The Grey Mule Saloon was built in the 1880s and once served cowboys, Texas Rangers, and soldiers stationed nearby. These days, this old saloon has been revived as a wine tasting room. The winery, which is owned by Mesa Vineyards, is one of the largest in Texas. The winery features a tasting room and two outdoor patios.

Another place to visit in Fort Stockton is Paisano Pete, a giant roadrunner statue. You can also visit the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center & Botanical Gardens to see beautiful cacti.

The Grey Mule Saloon is one of Fort Stockton’s oldest buildings. It is situated on the corner of Dickinson and Main streets. Despite the building’s location, it is easily missed. The inside is very cozy, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Fort Stockton is a small town in West Texas with plenty to offer visitors. Its surrounding areas are filled with interesting attractions that make for a great getaway. Fort Stockton has a rich history and has plenty of fun things to do.

The city’s historical significance dates back to the 1830s. It changed hands several times throughout the Civil War, from Confederate forces to the U.S. Army. It served as the first home of the 9th Cavalry, which was made up of African American soldiers.

The city was founded as a fort to protect travelers traveling west from San Antonio. The location was selected due to its close proximity to Comanche Springs, a spring that served as a source of water. The town also houses the Annie Riggs Memorial Museum, which features carefully preserved relics and intricate artwork from a century ago.

Paisano Pete

Paisano Pete is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Fort Stockton. He is an 11-foot tall, 22-foot long roadrunner sculpture that sits at the town’s intersection. The sculpture is a true Texas icon and was erected in 1980.

Paisano Pete is a giant statue of a road runner that is located across the street from the visitor’s center. A visit to Paisano Pete is a must for any visitor to this town. During the holiday season, he is dressed in a Santa outfit, making him one of the most iconic roadside attractions in the southwest.

Paisano Pete is just one of the many historical sites in Fort Stockton. While the town is known for its military base, the area also has a rich human and natural history. There are many museums that provide insight into the life of Texans and the history of the region. Fort Stockton is also close to Mexico, making it an ideal location for a culturally rich getaway.

Another historical site in Fort Stockton is the Old Pecos County Jail. The original jail was built in 1883 and later enlarged in 1913. Inside, you can see a museum dedicated to the area’s sheriffs. A historic holding cell and mid-century cell block can also be seen. While Fort Stockton was a small town during the early days of the West Texas frontier, it still retains a vibrant history.

Fort Stockton is also home to the Annie Riggs Memorial Museum. This museum has a wide selection of exhibits and photographs about Fort Stockton’s history. The museum also has a collection of archaeological artifacts and a recreated hotel room. It also has exhibits on ranching and early businesses.

One of the best places to visit in Fort Stockoon is the Historic Fort, which is located at Fifth and Rooney Streets. It was originally a saloon for cowboys and was the site of many gunfights in the Old West. Later, it became a post office. Today, it serves as a tasting room for Mesa Vineyards, the largest winery in the state. Among its many products, Ste. Genevieve is one of the best-selling wines.

Annie Riggs Memorial Museum

Located inside a historic turn-of-the-century hotel, the Annie Riggs Memorial Museum is an excellent place to learn about the pioneer history of the region. The museum is filled with pioneer history exhibits and diverse local artifacts.

The museum is open every day except Sunday. It features exhibits and displays about the history of Fort Stockton and surrounding areas. The museum also has a photo gallery with a collection of old photos and collectibles. There are also re-created historic hotel rooms and kitchens. In addition, the museum also houses a collection of archaeological artifacts.

The museum is located in the historic Koehler Hotel. It contains artifacts from the time when the town was still a frontier outpost. It also features antique typewriters, irons, and butter churns. The museum also highlights the life and legacy of Annie Riggs.

The museum features 13 rooms and a courtyard where visitors can take a look at the history of the town. There are artifacts and photos from the time, as well as informational signs. Visitors should also visit the historic Pecos County Courthouse, which was constructed in 1838 and has a flat roof. You can also find the Zero Stone on the grounds, which once served as a starting point for land surveys in western Texas.

If you’re looking for an interesting place to visit in Fort Stockton, Texas, the Annie Riggs Memorial Museum is definitely worth a visit. The museum is ADA compliant, and there’s an interior courtyard with a restored Pecos County buggy and many native Texas plants. Visitors can also browse through the museum’s gift shop for interesting books and Texas souvenirs.

For history buffs, Fort Robinson Museum is another must-see in Fort Stockton. The museum was originally built to guard settlers from Native Americans, but it eventually became a hub for the Buffalo Soldiers. They were later enlisted in the US Army.

For those seeking entertainment, there are numerous nightlife options in Fort Stockton. Lulu’s Stixx is a fun alternative to dancing in a nightclub. The lounge is open seven days a week and has a social media page.

Pecos County Courthouse

The Pecos County Courthouse in Fort Stocktons is a historic building. It is the fourth courthouse to be built in the county since it was created in 1875. Originally known as the Johnson House, it was restored in the 1930s and now houses several county offices.

The Pecos County Courthouse in Fort Stockston is a three-story building that is located in the heart of Fort Stockton. The building is made from buff stone and concrete and stands on spacious grounds. Its courtroom is located on the second floor.