Best Places to Visit in Dundee

When you’re in Dundee, it’s worth taking the time to explore its beautiful waterfront. There are two maritime museums – the RRS Discovery, Captain Scott’s ship from the Antarctic expedition, and the HM Frigate Unicorn, a 19th century warship. In addition, you can visit the Verdant Works museum, which celebrates the city’s jute-manufacturing history. And the McManus Art Gallery & Museum displays archaeological finds and art.

Fort Hotel

Fort Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Dundee, Scotland. Its Georgian and Gothic Rivival architecture was restored in 2007 after a multi-million pound project. Guests can enjoy a range of exhibitions that highlight the city’s history. Its art collection includes paintings and historic artefacts. The Fort also has a cafe where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

The Fort Hotel offers 2-star accommodation. Free WiFi and parking are provided to all guests. The hotel has an award-winning restaurant. Each room is equipped with tea and coffee making facilities, complimentary toiletries, and a hairdryer. In addition, there is a flat-screen TV and free WiFi.

Guests of the Fort Hotel can enjoy a hearty breakfast in the morning. The hotel has a good restaurant that uses local Scottish ingredients. Its waterfront location is a wonderful bonus for families, and its indoor pool and steam room are very popular. Another historic hotel, Malmaison Dundee, is also a charming option. It features rooms that are individually decorated and offer complimentary full breakfast.

Dundee is an old town that has a rich industrial history. The area features several churches that date back to the sixteenth century. The oldest building in Dundee is St Mary’s tower, which was constructed around 300 years ago. The city also features a number of castles.

Agacan on Perth Road

If you’re looking for a fun and quirky place to eat in Dundee, then the Turkish Restaurant on Perth Road might be a great place to start. This restaurant features funky art on the walls and a colorful, intimate interior. Visitors and locals alike will love the food and funky atmosphere at Agacan.

Another must-visit in Dundee is the McManus Art Gallery and Museum, a Victorian Gothic building filled with exhibits about the city’s history. There’s a fascinating exhibit on the once-thriving jute industry, or you can check out some of the famous publications by D.C. Thomson. The museum also features displays on the town’s role in the computing industry, shipping, and whaling industries.

Another must-visit attraction in Dundee is the Tickety Boo’s cafe, which has been open for more than 60 years. It offers great coffee and food, including vegan and free-from menus. You can also visit the Dundee Museum of Transport, a lesser known but fascinating attraction in the centre of the city. It has a wonderful collection of modern and classic modes of transportation.

While visiting Dundee, be sure to visit Dundee Castle. It’s free to visit and features an observation level where you can enjoy the city from above. The castle also has a cafe and gift shop. Another historic attraction in the area is Claypotts Castle. It has a unique “z-plan” design and makes a dramatic backdrop for photographs.

Glamis Castle

If you love Scottish history and castles, you’ll want to visit Glamis Castle. This historic mansion dates back to 1498 and is one of the best places to visit in Dundee. There’s also an interesting museum dedicated to the area’s history. In addition to the castle itself, there are several other historic sites to visit in Dundee. The town is home to the Angus Folk Museum. You can also see the Glamis Stone, a Pictish cross slab, in a garden across from the parish church. The stone has engravings that commemorate King Malcolm II’s death at Glamis. You can also find the St Fergus’ Well, an ancient holy well.

You’ll also find a fairytale tower at the castle, as well as a beautiful garden. Inside, you’ll find a large number of rooms to tour. There’s also a self-serve restaurant in the castle’s former kitchens. There’s an excellent menu and daily specials.

For families, you’ll find a wealth of activities for children and adults alike. There are hands-on exhibits, educational programs, and movies about science and technology. You can also check out the Dundee Science Festival.

Dundee’s Garden

There are several attractions in Dundee that children and adults alike will enjoy. The Dundee Science Centre has interactive exhibits about life sciences, robotics, and more. It is especially fun for kids, and is a wonderful place for families. Visiting the Dundee Museum is another interesting way to experience the city and its history.

Dundee’s Garden is home to a large variety of plants. It features tropical and temperate glasshouses, as well as a water garden and herb garden. The garden is spread over 9.5 acres of gently sloping land. It features both native British plants and plant collections from across the globe. There are several educational exhibits and guided tours that are free to attend.

There are also several trails in Dundee that are popular with visitors. One of them celebrates famous women who were born or lived in the city. The trail is marked by blue plaques in the City Centre. In summer 2016, the city celebrated the achievements of these women and created a unique public art exhibition.

Another attraction in Dundee is the Broughty Castle. This 1495 castle was an important location during several wars between the English and Scots. Today, the castle is home to the Broughty Castle Museum. There, visitors can learn more about the history of Dundee.

The Mills Observatory

If you’re a fan of science and astronomy, you should make time to visit the Mills Observatory, the first purpose-built public astronomical observatory in the UK. Its 7-metre-diameter dome houses a Victorian refracting telescope, a small planetarium, and display rooms.

If you’re visiting Dundee with children, you should also take them to the Dundee Science Centre. The museum features interactive exhibits, science films, a planetarium, and educational programs. It also has a cafe and gift shop.

John Mills was a local manufacturer of linen and a passionate amateur astronomer. In addition to his love of the night sky, he was also a member of the Original Secession Kirk. He was also greatly influenced by the philosopher Reverend Thomas Dick, who wrote books on astronomy and Christian philosophy. Both Dr Mills and Dick aimed to blend science and religion and are both a great inspiration for astronomy.

The Mills Observatory was built during the 1930s. Originally, the observatory was set to be located on Dundee Law. However, the First World War interrupted the project. In the meantime, the site was reserved for the construction of a War Memorial. The project did not progress further during the 1920s.

Open/Close Dundee

Open/Close Dundee is a community interest company which supports artists and communities in the city. Its goal is to create art that connects people and communities. The organization also hopes to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce emissions. Here are some of the projects open to the public. Let’s explore some of them: Open/Close, the city’s new street art trail, and Lochee mural.

The initiative started with a trial project involving six doors in the city centre. Since then, the project has expanded into two trails and has inspired other public art projects. The newest project is the five-storey mural on Cardean Street, which was completed in August. The project aims to transform the area into a lively, visually stimulating environment that encourages exploration of different parts of the city.

Open/Close Dundee features over 50 individual pieces of street art throughout the city. These works of art are created by local and international artists. They aim to encourage people to explore off-the-beaten path and discover Dundee’s hidden laneways.

Museum of Transport

The Museum of Transport is an independent museum dedicated to preserving Dundee’s transport history. The museum is filled with displays on the city’s tram network, railway, and maritime history. It also hosts events to showcase historical transports. Visitors are encouraged to take photos and sit in some of the vehicles.

There are several interactive exhibits, live shows, and exhibits at the Dundee Science Centre. This place is especially good for kids. Guests are invited to explore the wonders of science in hands-on exhibits, and there is also a small planetarium. It is recommended that visitors visit the museum on a clear day so that they can enjoy the museum’s displays.

The Dundee Centre for the Arts is another great place to visit in Dundee. This museum offers many creative activities and includes a cafe/restaurant. It also has a 2 screen cinema, 2 art galleries, a printmaking workshop, and a gallery with changing exhibits. Visitors can also view movies and exhibitions on the museum’s website.

The RRS Discovery, a famous polar expedition vessel, is also located in Dundee. It has three masts, and its exhibits will give visitors an insight into its nearly 200-year history. The ship was used in World War II and was later returned to Dundee. The museum also features personal items from the crew of the ship, as well as information about the ship’s scientific activities. Visitors can also explore the cabins used by Captain Scott and his crew.