Bath Salts For Your Bathroom

You can make a refreshing bath salt bath that you can use any time of the year. You can even add herbs for even more taste and aroma. This salt has been around for thousands of years. It’s used by many cultures as an antiseptic and healing agent.

One of the health benefits of bath salts is the antiseptic quality. If you have ever gotten a sore throat or cold, you likely noticed how fast you got through the symptoms. The reason was the body was using all of its immune system resources to get through the cold. With bath salts, you can start to feel some relief from these symptoms immediately.

Baking soda bath salts are also available. Just add the baking soda to your bath salt recipe. Mix well. Add the other essential oils to the baking soda and mix them well, too. Add the other essential oils into the bath salt, as well, to bring out the other healthy minerals from the seawater.

Many arthritis sufferers like to use dead sea salts for arthritis pain relief. They have special salts in the bottom of the bottle which helps to draw out the toxins from the body. Other great ways that the Dead Sea salt can be used is as a mouth wash, cold compress, or as an eye wash.

Many of us don’t realize that bath salts have been used to add beautiful natural beauty oils to make bath soaps. Beauty soaps are not just for bathing and body washes, either. They can be used to add scent and even shine to hair care products and make-up. You can add a little bit of Dead Sea salt to any beauty product for added natural beauty and healing properties.

A great way to add Dead Sea salt benefits to your life is by using bath salts for feet soak. You’ll need about four cups of water to make a gallon-sized bath. Add one tablespoon each of sea salt and essential oil (if using essential oil – choose the one that is the fragrance of choice for you) and mix thoroughly until the essential oil blends in with the water. You can then soak your feet in the water for about twenty minutes.

You can also add a couple cups of Dead Sea salt and one gallon of hot water to a standard bathtub. Fill the tub with warm water and place a few drops of essential oil into the bath salt. Fill the bathtub all the way up to the top with hot water. Turn on the tap and soak for thirty minutes. It is important to take several baths per week for optimum health benefits.

As you can see, there are many ways to benefit from bath salts. There is no reason to ever pay retail for these products again. Save money on the high retail prices and buy bath salts online. There are many websites online offering free samples – just do a search for “free bath salt”.

There is one more benefit to bath salts. They are a great natural beauty treatment for your hair. Many women have reported beautiful hair and skin after soaking in the tub with the dead sea salts. The calcium in the dead sea salts help your hair to be shiny and healthy. This is why many use them as a beauty treatment. Also, it is good for the hair to use other natural salts like apple cider vinegar or coconut oil to condition and moisturize your hair.

Bath salts are sold in both small and large grain size packages. The small grain size is enough to give you the same benefits as a small pinch of salt. The larger grain size will give you a more intense bath salt experience that will leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. If you don’t have a sea salt grinder, you will need to purchase a sea salt grinder to grind your own products.

Another benefit of bath salts is that they are great for your overall health and beauty. As stated earlier, they are excellent for the skin and hair. However, when you use them on your body as well, you are able to absorb the essential oils from them. When you use essential oils you will be able to moisturize and even tone your muscles. You can find these essential oils at local bath and body shops, or by shopping online. Essential oils will provide you with the relaxing, soothing scent that you are looking for to soothe and sooth your body.

When you are looking for the best bath salt beauty product, be sure to read up on the different types available. There is a variety of options for you. The first thing you want to do is find the perfect fit for your beauty routine. You can buy the regular version of bath salts or you can opt for the organic option. They make an excellent gift for yourself or for any friend.